Why people love this app


“The dashboard allows me to see all my clients in one place. I can see who is making progress and who might need a little prodding (with permission) before I go into each session.”

M.L, Executive & Leadership Coach



“I am able to stay committed to my goals. There is something really satisfying about seeing my circles fill up, knowing I am making progress on something that is important to me.”

K. J. Managing Partner at a global law firm


Unique Leadership Solution

“After working for a great organization for over 30 years, one feels responsible for leaving it in better shape. I am able to take on more with less stress and feel good about my succession plan.”

T. P. CFO Governmental Agency



“The key for me was how easy and intuitive this app is to use. You can tell it was designed by coaches for coaches. Finally an app that makes sense for us!”

W C. S. Internal Coach, Professional Services Organization.